Located in one of the most prestigious malls in the world, The Dubai Mall, Milas is situated near Cinema Parking on the Ground Floor in The Village.


We welcome you to to discover the Art of Emirati cuisine, an unique, scented experience that will tantalize your senses. Join us for our modernized traditional dishes and enjoy time spent with family and friends!


Food is Pleasure, enjoying it is an Art. A good meal is an experience of the pleasures in life, moments taken to truly enjoy life and all the luxuries it has to offer.


Milas is not just a restaurant, it is a collection of moments in your life that you give to us… it is a space of your time that we treasure deeply. We hope to make your experience with us happy and full of delicious aromas and flavors.

Share with us these precious moments of your life!


Milas represents the Emirati lifestyle of today and tomorrow with the uniqueness of Emirati generosity and taste, crafting the language of Emirati food. A seamless dining experience with imaginative menus that entice you to step back in time and enjoy nostalgic Arabia in a new and artful form.

Milas is the Emirati phonetic pronunciation of the classic “majlis,” the most welcoming space of any Emirati home. The “milas” is the room in which guests are received and treated with the generosity and caring characteristic of Arabia.

Experience the hospitable Emirati culture with traditional welcoming and farewell rituals, and enjoy the taste of genuine local food made especially for you.

Milas is a personal invitation to your Emirati home

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Juicy, deliciously tangy and sweet, pineapple fruit is rich in vitamin C and manganese. ...

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A man can be a pessimistic determinist before lunch and an optimistic believer that everything is possible after it…the extent of that, of course, depends on how good the lunch was! ...

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